US pier for humanitarian aid in Gaza to be removed

The pier built by the US military to bring humanitarian aid to Gaza will be reinstalled this Wednesday to be used for several days, but then the plan is to remove it permanently, US authorities said.

This decision constitutes the final blow to a project that was hampered by bad weather, security uncertainties and difficulties in getting food to Palestinians.

US authorities explained that the objective is to gather all the aid accumulated in Cyprus and the floating dock at sea and take it to the safe area on the beach in Gaza.

After this phase, the US Army will dismantle the pier and abandon the area.

The US hoped the pier would provide a critical flow of aid to Gazans as the war against the Islamist group dragged on.

However, although more than 8,600 tons of food have reached Gaza through the pier, the project has been hampered by persistent rough seas and stalled deliveries due to ongoing security threats.

The US decision comes as Israeli troops begin another assault on the city of Gaza, which Hamas says could threaten negotiations on a ceasefire and the release of hostages .

US troops removed the pier on June 28 due to bad weather and moved it to the port of Ashdod in Israel.

However, the distribution of aid had already been interrupted due to security concerns.

The United Nations suspended deliveries from the pier on June 9, a day after the Israeli military used the surrounding area for air transport following a hostage rescue that killed more than 270 Palestinians.

Aid transported across the pier to the safe area on the beach accumulated for days as negotiations continued between the UN and Israel.

More recently, the World Food Program hired a contractor to transport aid from the beach, trying to prevent the food from spoiling.

The Pentagon has always insisted that the dock was just a temporary project, designed to prod Israel to open up and allow aid to better flow through land routes.

The pier was damaged by strong winds and rough seas on May 25, just over a week after operations began, and was removed for repairs.

The pier had been reactivated on June 7th, but shortly afterwards it was removed again, due to bad weather on June 14th, which ended up forcing its removal on June 28th.


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