US Woman Goes To Hospital With Headache, Wakes Up With No Memory Of Past 30 Years

She is now re-discovering things she loved and insists that she’s moving forward.

A sixty-year-old woman in the US has recalled the time when she woke up with no recollection of the last 30 years of her life after she visited the hospital because of a headache. The intriguing medical case unfolded in 2018 when the woman then 56, awoke with the belief that she was still a teenager in the 1980s, New York Post reported. Kim Denicola, a resident of Louisiana, is now cherishing this Christmas season as she reflects on the many holidays lost to her mysterious memory loss.

”I’ve lost a lot of Christmases, so it’s a big deal,” Mrs Denicola, now 60, told WAFB. ”It’s unbelievable to me as it probably is to other people. Never in my wildest dreams did I get up and go to bible study and think I’m going to wake up in the hospital and I’m going to be 60 years old,” she added.

According to her family, she developed a blinding headache and sudden blurry vision while at a bible study. When she woke up in the hospital emergency room, she had no recollection that she was married and had two children. The last thing Mrs Denicola remembered was her final day of school.

”I was leaving school and heading for my car. I had just taken an exam because I was graduating my senior year. ‘The nurse asked me: “Do you know what year it is?” I said: “Yes, ma’am it is 1980”. She asked me who the president was and I said: “Ronald Reagan”.

She was also heartbroken to learn that both her mother and father had died years earlier.

Though she was diagnosed with transient global amnesia (TGA), doctors can’t tell her for sure what happened despite extensive tests and scans. Five years later in 2023, the 60-year-old grandmother has still not recovered memories.

Doctors say that if her memories haven’t returned by now, they are unlikely to ever resurface.

The woman is still trying to make sense of her new life and is in the process of getting to know her family anew, including her husband, children, and four grandchildren. She has also been reading journal entries to remember her life but says it feels like reading about someone else.

”I may have lost my memories, but guess what? We can make new ones,” she said. 

”You can’t be mad and bitter because the good Lord left me here for a reason. Whatever that may be, I’m sure he’ll let me know one way or another. And maybe this is it maybe it’s to tell people you don’t have to give up,” she added. 

Despite the difficulties, she is now re-discovering things she loved and insists that she’s moving forward. Mrs Denicola said her Christmas dream is to have her entire family back together celebrating under one roof.

According to the National Library of Medicine, TGA often occurs during periods of ”particularly strenuous activity, high-stress events, or coitus, but it can be seen with migraines.” It mostly affects individuals middle-aged and older. 


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