USA: Democratic deputy prepares constitutional amendment against presidential immunity

A Democratic representative in the US Congress is preparing a constitutional amendment, in response to the Supreme Court’s historic immunity ruling, to reverse the ruling and “ensure that no president is above the law.”

Joseph Morelle, elected from New York and the top Democratic representative on the House Administration Committee, sent a letter on Wednesday to his colleagues informing them of his intention to introduce a resolution ion, which would begin an amendment process that is traditionally complicated.

“This amendment will do what the Supreme Court was unable to do: prioritize our democracy,” Morelle said in a statement sent to the Associated Press.

According to the congressman, Donald Trump “must be held responsible for his decisions”.

“I ask my colleagues to support my amendment and be with me on the front lines to defend our democracy,” he wrote.

This is the most significant legislative response to date to the decision taken this week by the conservative majority of the Supreme Court, which surprised Washington and provoked strong opposition from progressive judges, who warned of the dangers to democracy, especially at a time when Donald Trump is seeking to return to the White House.

Still, Morelle’s effort is practically doomed to failure in the North American Congress.

But although the constitutional amendment process may take years and never come to fruition, its supporters believe it is the most foolproof way, even above a new law, to enshrine the norm that presidents may face consequences for their actions.

“This amendment will ensure that no public official in the United States, including the President, can escape the responsibility that any other American citizen would face for violating our laws,” wrote the Democratic representative in the letter sent this week to your colleagues.

On Monday, the United States Supreme Court granted partial immunity to former President Donald Trump in the case of the attack on the Capitol, ruling that his “official” acts as head of state are protected, but not his “unofficial” acts. are officers.”

By six votes against three, those of the six conservative judges against the three progressive ones, the Court considered that “the President does not enjoy any immunity for unofficial acts”, but “has the right to at least a presumption that of immunity for official acts”.

Donald Trump, campaigning to return to the White House, immediately welcomed the decision, which he described as a “great victory” for democracy.

The Supreme Court’s decision will likely delay Trump’s trial in Washington on charges of federal election subversion, as it clashes with an appeals court ruling that concluded in February that Trump had not immunity for alleged crimes he committed while still President to reverse the results of the 2020 presidential elections.


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