“Viktor Orbán is actively blocking EU and NATO efforts and is now seen by allies as a traitor to European security”

Attacked from all sides, Viktor Orbán managed to make his tour of Kiev, Moscow and Beijing from a position of strength. And for three reasons, according to Katalin Miklossy, European studies researcher at the University of Helsinki. “The Hungarian Prime Minister managed to build a new group in the European Parliament in two weeks, which became the third largest family. In this way, it can highlight that Hungary is not alone in this yearning for peace. Instead, it has allies and supporters in the EU. On a rhetorical level, there is a strong position among the Western allies, but in practice, this is not so visible. This shows that Europeans are at the limit when it comes to war, so the wind is changing, and Orbán is aware of that,†points out Katalin Miklossy, speaking to Expresso.

But there is one more reason: Orbán believes he just has to “wait for Donald Trump to return to the White House†, says the analyst. Two days before the NATO summit [arranca esta terça-feira], Orbán decided to make public his support for US presidential candidate Donald Trump and criticize the United States for having a “war policy†in Ukraine, instead of a strategy to achieve peace . In an interview with “Politico”Orbán unfavorably contrasted US policy with what he described as China’s credible “peace plan.â€

The Hungarian leader also said there was a “very, very high possibility†of President Joe Biden not being re-elected, which, he considered, would be a positive result. “I am sure that a change would be good for the world,†declared Orbán. WConfirming what was already known about his preference for Trump, Viktor Orbán described him as a “self-made man†who has a “different approach to everything†. “I believe this will be good for world politics,†he stressed. “He is the man of peace. During his four-year term, he did not start a single war, and he did much to create peace in long-standing conflicts in very complicated areas of the world.â€

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