What is the role of family businesses and their legacy for the national economy?

“Family businesses are the backbone of the Portuguese economy,†says Isabel Furtado, CEO of TMG Automotive

“If the legacy is simply about what the tradition is, I think that is not enough, tradition is very good for cementing values ​​and then these values ​​will us to transport ourselves to the future”, says José Salgado, president of Rede de Capital Social

“It has been more than studied that family businesses are those that have a more structured balance sheet and are more immune to crises,†recalls José Germano de Sousa, CEO of the Germano de Sousa group and president of the Family Business Association

“The data we present today reveals that there is an apparently clear and direct relationship between the robustness of the legacy and the successful performance of companies,†explains Luís Magalhães, responsible for the area of KPMG taxes

“It is very important to prepare new generations, discuss succession with them, foster a culture of ambition, risk sharing and trial and error,†argues Sandra Aguiar, associate partner at KPMG

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