What was daily life like in Tarrafal prison?

Tarrafal prison was opened in October 1936 by 157 political prisoners, the majority with links to the 1934 general strike and the PCP or, the “sailors revolt†of September 1936. It then received The official name of “Cape Verde Penal Colony†. Closed in 1954, partly due to pressure from the international community, Tarrafal prison reopened in 1961, then as “Campo de Trabalho do Chão Bom†. Between 1961 and 1974, several leaders of African independence movements were imprisoned in Tarrafal. What was daily life like in Tarrafal? What are the punishments, the work, and the relationship between guards and prisoners? To what extent did you contribute, albeit unintentionally, to the reorganization of the PCP? And what testimonies of men deprived of their freedom for political reasons have survived to this day?

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