A businessman reported to the CSD the rigging of a contract to favor Barrabés

EIn the year 2022, A businessman would have reported irregularities in writing to the CSD in the process to award a 3.6 million euro contract that finally relapsedin the month of August of that same year, in the company of Juan Carlos Barrabés, partner of the wife of the President of the Government, Begoña Gómezaccording to information published by ‘The Objective’.

This means of communication indicates that in the ’email’ sent to the Higher Sports Council Before the contest was resolved, the complaining businessman even assumed that the winner of that contract would be Barrabés. In this context, the Civil Guard searched the CSD headquarters for three hours last week.

The forces of order, In that registry, they were looking for documentation about that contractwhich is one of those being investigated in the case against Begoña Gómez for the alleged crimes of corruption in business and influence peddling.

The businessman reported, in an email that was sent to the CSD, that The deadline for submitting offers stipulated in the public sector contracting law was that ‘The Objective’ reported this Monday.

No appeal was filed

When these types of circumstances occur, the usual thing is that If a bidder considers that there has been any error during the procedure file an appealinstead of making said complaint through an email, something that did not occur, as MARCA has been able to know.

Furthermore, according to the CSD contracting platform, submission to the OJEU was on May 24, 2022. It is the official date and the start date of the calculation of the term in accordance with the Public Sector Contracts Law.

That ’email’, owned by said media outlet, began saying: “I am writing this email to request information about a tender that was sent to the Official Journal of the European Union (OJEU) on May 27, 2022 and whose ‘date The end of preparation of offers was June 8. The offer period was 13 days”. And what continued, to emphasize that the deadline for submitting offers had been shortened: “It was a tender subject to harmonized regulation, in which there was no prior announcement, and which referred to an urgent procedure. Furthermore, and despite the fact that the justification of the procedure urgency was in his view questionable, “The minimum period for submitting offers was 15 days according to the law.”.

The businessman slipped in his email who would win the contest

In his complaint, the businessman also highlighted the possible rigging of the contract and even indicated that Barrabés’ company, partner of Begoña Gómez, wife of Pedro Sánchezwould be the one who would win that contest: “Of the two lots that make up the offer, the first of them has a competition limited to two bidders. Between them, “I have serious suspicions about who will win this contest: Innova Next SLU”.

In the last lines of that email sent to the CSD, the complaining businessman criticized the nature of urgency that was given to the contract: “Urgent procedure is referred to, solely because there is no time to spend the budget. Legal, surely, but questionable.”


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