A man kills his wife and four children, aged between nine months and ten years, in Meaux, France

La French police A man has been arrested as the alleged perpetrator of the murder of his wife and four young children. This Monday, December 25, the bodies were found in an apartment in Meaux, a town in the Paris region. A fact that has shocked everyone today, both in France and worldwide, due to the severity and harshness of this crime, after finding the lifeless bodies on Christmas Day.

The The mother of the little ones was 35 years old, and the children were between nine months and 10 years old. It has been a tragedy that the neighbors alerted the agents about. The fact is that they wanted to contact the family and they couldn’t, so they did not hesitate to notify the authorities trying to save them from this tragic outcome that finally occurred in France.

The murder of a family at the hands, allegedly, of the father

As reported by the Meaux Prosecutor’s Office in a statement, the family apartment There were no signs of “violent entry, and the father was absent.” The man has already been arrested as the alleged perpetrator of the events in Sevran Saint Denis, around 30 kilometers away, according to reports hours later.

In addition, it has been learned that the man had a long history of psychological problems and that he had already In 2019 he had attacked his wife with a knife. However, according to EFE, the case was archived due to the illness he suffers from. No other similar violent episodes have been known, or at least have not been made public. For now, we will have to wait until the authorities want to provide some type of information about it after an event as tragic as this.


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