A man saves his life after a snake bite thanks to counting the reptile’s teeth

A Sometimes, an impromptu decision can mean the difference between life and death. This is what happened to a man in Seville, and after receiving the snake bitedid not hesitate to go to the hospital, but not before taking the reptile with him so that the doctors could determine whether or not there was a risk of losing his life and thus act more quickly.

According to the EFE agency, the man wanted the doctors to know first-hand the species that had bitten him, if it was poisonous and, above all, if one of the snake’s teeth had remained inside and, therefore, had entered his bloodstream.

SEPRONA intervened and took the reptile

At the hospital, not knowing what type of snake it was, they requested the help of the Nature Protection Service (SEPRONA), in order to have more data and, especially, to act quickly in the event that it was poisonous and could endanger the patient’s life. The agents, in turn, showed the photographs of the reptile to an expert and he assured that It was a non-venomous horseshoe snake..

Despite this, the expert did point out that his teeth were very fine, so there was the possibility that one of his teeth could have become embedded in the bloodstream. That is why SEPRONA picked up the reptile and took it to the Mundo Park Las Pajanosas zoo.

Once there, they counted all the snake’s teeth and were able to determine that, luckily, I had all the pieces in place., so none had remained in the victim’s bloodstream. The man, without a doubt, acted quickly, although everything was a good scare.


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