“A masked guy who is going to live in Madrid cannot beat Spain in life”

EIt’s important celebrate and enjoy the great moments when there is only reason for joy. And that, in football, almost always coincides with the preview of the matches. It is the only time of the day when both fans are happy, enthusiastic and have nothing to regret. Music, songs, food, drinks and good atmosphere as a preliminary to the battle that will be fought in the field.

The baguette is good, but if you fill it with Iberian ham…

French fans in Munich

Much of the 62,500 spectators present at the Allianz Arena They took advantage of the hours before the game to have a great preview in the streets of Munich. With Marienplatz as the epicenter of everything, we asked the Spanish to send a message to the French. And we got answers of all kinds. “Tomorrow Mbappé starts the preseason”, “they have done very well, but let them take a plane”, “a masked guy who is going to live in Madrid cannot beat Spain in life”… A recital of challenges that they launched in front of the MARCA camera.

Sports rivalry

In the street party we find many disputes and many arguments that each other uses to hurt each other. Pierre, a Frenchman from Lyon, drinks sangria to quell his feelings. 28º temperature that we reached during the morning. “Sangria? But it’s Spanish,” we snapped. “It’s just that we are going to drink to the Spanish,” answers while holding the bottle of Don Simón with his right hand and a baguette plastic with the left. One of his friends joins the conversation. “The baguette It’s good, but if you fill it with Iberian ham,” he jokes.

The Allianz Arena, ready to host the battle for the final

Very close to them, a group of friends wearing T-shirts. Zidane sings the Marseillaise and ends up hooking up in the middle of the square. They make noise, but less than the Spanish, who have conquered the rest of the terraces in the square. The usual ones are there. Many of those who have been accompanying Spain throughout the championship. The one with the bass drum, the one with the trumpet, the bullfighters from Cantabria and some relatives like Rodri’s brotherwhich can be seen with the 16 of the best midfielder in the world on his back.

The bullfighters of Cantabria in Munich.CHEMA KINGBRAND

Rafael Nadal

If there is an argument that triumphs among the Spanish to beat the French, it is that of Rafael Nadal Parera. “Just like Roland Garros is Spanish, Munich is Spanish,” one fan is heard. “Rafa Nadal, Rafa Nadal”, They sing from a terrace to a group of French people passing through Spanish territory… It is true that Rafa is respected there, but it is no less true that they have not been able to produce a French tennis player who would end the hegemony of the from Manacor.


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