A member of La Oreja de Van Gogh closes the door on the return of Amaia Montero

Hjust a week ago, There was a rumor that Amaia Montero could reunite with La Oreja de Van Gogh in some concerts. Isabel Rábago confirmed this news on ‘Juntos’, a Telemadrid program. Social networks became a real fervor and Amaia Montero and La Oreja de Van Gogh quickly became a national trending topic.

Despite all the viralization that Amaia Montero’s possible return has brought about, everything has come to nothing when the true protagonists have broken their silence. One of them has been Pablo Banegas, the group’s guitarist during Montero’s time and now. The musician believes that the soloist’s profile would not help achieve the goals they have in the group right now.

Pablo Banegas, on the possible incorporation of Amaia Montero to Van Gogh’s Ear

The guitarist of La Oreja de Van Gogh has broken his silence and has spoken as a fundamental part of the group about the possible return of Amaia Montero: “The relationship is good, but it wouldn’t make sense. It’s too commercial and we’re not there. We want to continue writing songs. It’s getting harder and harder for us, looking for the best words and melodies. “It’s our main driving force.”

Besides, indicates that it is just a rumor that they do not know “where it came from” and points out that they have the entire tour closed for this summer, so the incorporation of Amaia Montero to it would be more than impossible.

Van Gogh’s Ear Summer Tour

  • Madrid 5 Jul Rio Babel Fest.

  • La Solana (C. Real) 6 Jul Oasis Sound Fest.

  • La Vall D?En Bas 12 Jul Vallviva Fest.

  • Asturias 18 Jul Asturias

  • Letur 19 Jul Leturalma Fest

  • Cullera 20 Jul Zevra Fest.

  • Santander 24 Jul Magdalena Live

  • Jerez De La Frontera July 27 Tio Pepe Fest.

  • Bueu (Pontevedra) 1 Aug Sonrías Baixas

  • Borja (Zaragoza) Aug 3 Lover Festival

  • Sant Joan De Alicante 9 Aug Magical Nights

  • Salobreña (Granada) Aug 10 Tropicalia Summer Music.

  • Marbella 14 Ago Starlite Fest.

  • Almería Aug 16 – Aug 18 Cooltural Fest.

  • Calvià (Mallorca) 17 Aug Es Jardí.

  • Morella-Castellon 18 Ago Exterior Of The Fair Space

  • Huelva Aug 31 Ibero-American Forum of Huelva


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