A Spanish city, among the 20 best in the world for eating, and it is neither Madrid nor Barcelona

EEating is one of the greatest pleasures that can exist within the possibilities of people. All the people in the world are looking for to be able to access gastronomic experiences that are unique in the world and that elevate the flavor that can reach the palate to a higher level.

There are always some cities in the world that can offer a greater gastronomic offer than others. And these have been collected, so that all consumers who want to enjoy food from different places know where the best culinary options are in different parts of the world.

This time, the person in charge of preparing this list was a very prestigious magazine in the world of gastronomy, and that collected the 20 best cities in the world to eat.

This is the ranking of the 20 best cities in the world to eat:

In position number 20 is Copenhagen, in Denmark. Number 19 position for Osaka, in Japan. 18th place goes to Canada, with Montreal. Position number 17 for Sydney, in Australia. Number 16 is for Lyon, in France. In position number 15 appears the first African city, Marrakech, in Morocco. Neighboring Portugal appears in position number 14, with Porto. And number 13 is occupied by the only Spanish city in the ranking, Seville. Place number 12 goes to Medellín, in Colombia, and number 11 to Liverpool, in the United Kingdom.

From here the top ten, which begins with Portland, in the USA. Followed by number 9, Dubai, in the United Arab Emirates. Number 8 position for Bombay, in India. Kuala Lumpur, in Malaysia, takes the number 7 position. Number 6 position for Bangkok, in Thailand. Number 5 position for Beijing, in China, and fourth position for Ho Chi Minh City, in Vietnam.

The bronze medal for gastronomy goes to Lima, Peru. The silver goes to Johannesburg, South Africa. And finally, the gold goes to a classic of world cuisine, Naples, in Italy.

A Spanish city, among the 20 best in the world for eating, and it is neither Madrid nor Barcelona

Italian is one of the most consecrated and international cuisines, In every place in the world you will always find an Italian to eat, both their pasta, their pizzas, as well as many more options.


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