A truly crazy promotion: Málaga returns to Second with a goal in the 124th minute!!!

Málaga is from Second A. In it minute 124those of Sergio Pellicer they scored 2-2 that gave them promotion to professionalism. Antoñito He was the hero of his team, in a game that had a little of everything and that A Nàstic escaped with one less manalthough he fought it until the last moment.

Nerves and a lot of precipitation during the first half was what showed a disgusting that, despite this situation, was capable of generating the best scoring chances. The Andalusians, better placed in the field, waited crouching, trying go out against something. He 2-1 The first leg weighed heavily.

In the 44th minute, Joan Oriol was about to score the goal of his life. Right shot from very far away that almost sneaks into the corner. Double merit if you take into account that Captain Grana is left-handed. The visiting goalkeeper, a real insurance for his team, stopped everything that came his way. Besides, The two Nàstic centre-backs went to the locker room with a warning. Little else in the first half

In the second part, he kept pushing Dani Vidal’s painting, but without the necessary clairvoyance to reach the door in danger. The people of Malaga, little by little, were extending the game trying to make it happen as little as possible. The stoppages were constant, but the duel was even.

Nacho’s expulsion

If things were bad for the locals, It got even worse in the 63rd minute.with the expulsion of Nacho upon seeing a second yellow that left a numerical advantage Málaga that, at this moment, started to believe that could generate something more than what he was proposing. The Andalusians had to give a forced step forward in search of something to leave the dispute heard for sentencing. But it was him disgusting who pushed So much so that she obtained the long-awaited award. The rebound of a center reached Godoy that, with the chepafrenzy at the Nou Estadi. 1-0 and a world to be played. Little more until extra time.

Gorka premieres, Tarragona explodes

Nàstic, who do not understand adversity, did it again. Against one more, with the rival on his heels and with the pressure of knowing that a goal left them out, the locals drew strength from where there was none to score the second. Was Gorka Santamaría, unprecedented in front of goal throughout the season. But he was saving it all for the big day. Lateral center and impossible header for the goal. 2-0 and another world to be disputed. I hadn’t said it all Málaga and his goal came. Late, but in time to get into the playoffs. Was Dioniafter collecting a rejection from Varo after a shot by Ochoa.

The referee stops the match

Ten minutes from the end, The referee interrupted the duel because, constantly, there were two balls on the field. To the locker room until things calmed down. She perfectly gave the Andalusians a pause, who, in the penultimate action of the matchthey took the glory with a miraculous goal from Antoñito.

The match sheet

Nasty: Alberto Varo; Pol Domingo, Trigueros A, Nacho AAR (the second yellow card in the 63′), Joan Oriol; Gorostidi (106′ Borja Martínez), Óscar Sanz; Andy (74′ Unai Dufur), Godoy (74′ Jaume Jardí A), Concha (84′ Marc Fernández); and Pablo Fernández (67′ Gorka A) (120′ Montalvo).

Málaga: Herrero; Gabilondo (91′ Puga), Eimar Galilea (106′ Ochoa), Juande, Víctor García; Genaro (77′ Dioni), Manu Molina; Kevin Medina (59′ Larrubia), Dani Lorenzo (110′ Juanpe), David Ferreiro (100′ Antoñito); y Roberto.

Goals: 1-0 71′ Godoy. 2-0 94′ Men. 2-1 108′ Dioni. 2-2 124′ Anthony.

Referee: Eder Mallo (Castilian-Leonese).

Estadio: New Stadium 14,531 spectators.


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