Adara Molinero’s reunion with her partner: “What would have happened to Bosco if Álex was not in your life?”

EThis Tuesday, July 2, ‘Survivor All Stars: No Man’s Land’ received on the set Adara Molinero, the first to be expelled from this renewed format of the classic adventure contest. The participant was reunited with Elena Rodriguezhis mother, and Alex Ghitahis partner, with whom there were some issues on the table.

His first reaction upon seeing him was to verbalize how much “who has missed him”. They both then exchanged flattery: while Ghita told him that “waslovely”Molinero reacted and told him how “handsome” he is.

However, one of the most important issues to resolve was the relationship between Adara and Bosco. “Imagine if Álex was not in your life and you had coincided in this edition with Bosco, you were single and he was too, what would have happened?”Jorge Javier Vázquez asked him directly. The television was blunt on this matter: “We were on different pages, he has a lot left to live. I want other things”. However, she also wanted to make it clear that “Bosco is a very special person”.

Sofía Suescun and Marta Peñate, open war: “We are not friends”

Even though everything pointed to Sofía Suescun and Marta Peñate They were going to maintain a good relationship in Honduras, everything blew up in the last hours. In a face to face ‘bridge of concord’, both reached the limit. The Navarrese was the first to shoot, remembering last week’s discussion: “I don’t think you were fair to me at that moment.”.

Adara Molinero's reunion with her partner:

“This is his way of playing, but I thought he was going to do it with anyone but me”, replied Marta Peñate, quite upset by Suescun’s initial attitude. However, her answer was definitive: “We are not friends, a friend does not do this. Delete the word friend”.

The exchange of reproaches did not stop for several minutes. “I wish you the best, but not by my side”, assured Marta Peñate. For her part, Sofía Suescun ended the hostilities by pointing out that “I made the cross and the dash”.


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