Aimar Oroz: “If I leave Osasuna it should be for the benefit of everyone”

Aimar Oroz (Arazuri, Navarra, 22 years old) is one of the proper names of the transfer market. The young international midfielder, in the process of prolonging its relationship with Osasunais the object of desire of teams like Athletic or Girona, among others. MARCA spoke with the rojillo ‘ten’ before joining the Olympic team concentration in Las Rozas.

ASK. How does Aimar Oroz face this new call with the selection and the very close possibility of participating in the Olympic Games?

ANSWER. With great desire and great enthusiasm, like any of us who are summoned. In the end it is a reward for the work done during the season in Osasuna. Very happy to be there and I hope I can get on the final list, go to the Games and enjoy that experience.

Q. You won’t deny that the Olympics are something special.

R. Yes, it is very different from what we experience during the year. Being so exclusive, because it is every four years and with an age limit, hopefully someone can play twice but the normal thing is that if you get it it will be only once so you have to take advantage of it and enjoy it because it is something unique.

Going for gold at the Olympics

Q. The bar for Tokyo silver is very high. Do you see options to at least equal it or is the idea to go for gold?

R. Since we are going we will try to go for the gold but it is about winning each game, enjoying each day and seeing how it goes. Our intention will always be to win.

Athletic is a good option, but I’m still in Osasuna and we’ll see what happens

Aimar Oroz

Q. What things are, the final list and the four discards will be known on July 7. A little help from San Fermín wouldn’t hurt…

R. Hahaha (laughs). The truth is that no, I hope you can help me and give me a little push to be on the final list.

Q. July has arrived and Osasuna is on the verge of starting the first year after Arrasate. Is it a little dizzying not to know what they are going to find?

R. It’s been six years with him. I don’t think it’s vertigo or fear, maybe it’s uncertainty to see how the change goes. The world of football is like that, one day some players are there and the next year they are not. Another year he is the coach… You have to adapt and that’s it. The club is starting a new project that will be attractive, but will also need filming time.

Q. Your enlargement has been going on for six months and has not fully crystallized. He’s busy?

R. No no. It has been more or less agreed upon for four months. It’s been a while, but it was just a matter of Osasuna fitting it in.


Q. Is it time to leave or is it better to continue growing at home?

R. I am from Pamplona, ​​from Osasuna. I owe it to Osasuna where I have shown that no one can doubt my love for the club and the shield, this does not generate debate. I will always want to help the club and of course I will always want to continue growing in any area of ​​my life, although in the end this thing about football and life takes many turns.

An undoubted commitment

Q. In recent years you have had offers and you are still there in red.

R. That’s how it is. In the lower categories, offers and interest from teams arrived. And I haven’t moved. I have not even considered leaving Osasuna. I am very comfortable at home and at the club, but as I say about football and life takes many turns and with my commitment to the club and my desire to progress I show that I want the best for everyone.

Q. It seems that Osasuna, like many other clubs, is going through financial difficulties. Could that mean your imminent departure or don’t you think it’s relevant?

R. I cannot and should not evaluate this topic. I can’t get in there. I don’t know anything about the offices that moves or can move and I prefer to focus on the field of play. My departure from the club, if it occurs, should depend on my football progression and of course on it being beneficial for everyone, for Osasuna and for me.

I am flattered that there are clubs that consider having my services, that means things are being done well

Aimar Oroz

Q. There is talk of interest from Athletic and Girona, two teams that will play in Europe. Do they seduce you as possible destinations?

R. They are two great clubs that seduce anyone. Girona this year has managed to qualify for the Champions League with very good players and with Míchel, who is a great coach. Athletic too, as a club and structure. Their philosophy as an institution, with a great coach… The truth is that both are two greats of Spanish football. More than seducing, I feel flattered because understanding that clubs like them consider wanting to have my services means that things are being done well. I am very happy that those clubs and technicians like Míchel and Valverde, who are two of the best, notice me.

Q. Valverde’s Athletic, with the goodbye of Muniain, seems an interesting option.

R. Athletic is a good option. The growth of the club in recent years has been brutal. But Muniain is irreplaceable. We are different players although it is true that I can fit into the position. But I insist, I’m still in Osasuna and we’ll see what happens.


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