Alberto Chicote reveals which is his favorite restaurant in Madrid: “You eat like a movie”

CAchieving success depends on yourself and the desire you have to surpass others. But, sometimes, it’s not just talent that’s enough. It’s also important to take inspiration from others who have been in that position before. Alberto Chicote is one of the most renowned chefs in this countryHowever, it never stops growing and learning from the competition.

Its Omeraki restaurant is one of the most visited in the entire capital. The chef himself does not hesitate to admit that visiting other establishments ends up giving you ideas to develop in your own. So, Chicote has his own favorite restaurants in Madrid. Three places that he has good memories of and that he would attend whenever possible.

Alberto Chicote’s three favorite restaurants in Madrid

  • El Pescaíto: For his first choice, Chicote hasn’t gone far from his restaurant. El Pescaíto is located on Duque de Sesto Street and this is what the television show thinks about this place: “Delicious, simple, without stories… They fry well and take care of everything with love. Even the olives are good! And with a fairly reasonable price for the quality they provide”

  • The Catapa: More than for its gastronomy, Chicote chooses this restaurant for the ties he maintains with his chef: “Miguel Ángel and I started school on the same day. “We’ve known each other for 37 years, I love him a lot and, what’s more, he cooks like a motherfucker.”. It is located on Calle Menorca 14, near Retiro.

  • Laredo Tavern: Alberto Chicote’s latest choice stands out for its gastronomic variety. “The fried prawns with asparagus are to die for and the omelette with bacon is delicious. Also the rabbit cutlets!”, comments the television. He also highlights its functions as a bar, since the tapas are also outstanding: “Sometimes I sit in the restaurant, but at the bar you eat like a movie.”


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