Alberto Pugilato, who attacked the comedian, talks about his action: “The police officer told me: ‘too little…”

Alberto Boxing is he man who attacked comedian Jaime Caravaca last night during its usual nighttime performance. The man He suddenly went up to the stand and dealt her a brutal blow and then justified it. with which he did not accept that there had been involved with his three-month-old baby on social networks. The reason was because she did reference to “the pedophile comments he made about my son.” But the matter did not end there. He challenged Caravaca to repeat it at the time: “Say those comments about my son, trash.”

Hours later, Alberto wanted to make some statements on multicanalradio about. “”I have spoken with people I trust, with my family and they have told me that he has earned it hard“, he began by saying.

The comedian Jaime Caravaca, attacked at a performance by an enraged father: “That has its consequences…”

“I have been very uneasy, with a feeling that I have never had in my life, very unpleasant and “Until I have had it before me I have not found peace.”has added.

Pugilado has explained what happened from then on. Because he waited for the police: “The police have come to identify me. “I haven’t run away like a rat, far from it.” and revealed the conversation: “Look, this has happened. This man on Twitter. The police officer said ‘I have a ten-month-old son with a gun… too little, too little…’.


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