Álex Palou signs the perfect classification: pole and Power debacle in Laguna Seca

Laguna Seca is marked in red on the calendar Alex Palou…and today we found out why. The Catalan has achieved his third pole position of the year (the second among the scoring races, if we discount Thermal)… and the best thing is that both He ended up converting them later into triumphs.

We will have to see if he repeats it tomorrow but, for the moment Saturday couldn’t have gone better for the two-time champion. Because in addition to the pole – which he achieved in an overwhelming way -, the classification of the GP de Monterey has left enough touched his two rivals for the championship. Especially the leader, Will Power, which today has given a real ‘backfire’. Also to Dixon, but less so.

Palou aimed high from the beginning

The classification Álex Palou did very well from before even jumping onto the track. The two-time champion was placed in the second group for the particular Q1 of the IndyCar classification, but In the first one the surprise came: the leader of the championship, Will Power (who had been second in the final practice), could not go beyond eighth place and, therefore, remained outside the Fast 12 (Q2, speaking in F1 terms).

Con his main rival relegated tomorrow to 15th position, The Spaniard was not going to let that ‘candy’ pass. In his first attempt with the hard ones he placed second and with the soft ones the best lap of the weekend until then. Besides, Josef Newgarden (Penske), also left out in this phase (he will start 14th, just ahead of his teammate and leader).

He Fast 12 It started the same for Palou, with the second best lap with the hard ones -only behind Herta, the other great favorite to the pole – and the subsequent confirmation of his move to the Fast 6 after installing the soft tires and being the best again with the red ones (tracing practically the same time as the groups).

The good news continued for Spanish because Scott Dixon got cut here (third in the championship), which will come out tenth and the third Penske, the one from McLaughlinwhich will leave seventh.

Final exhibition of the two-time champion

He Fast 6 It seemed like a two-way thing: Hertathe Californian, who already knows what it’s like to win twice at home, and palacethe Spanish, who also dominates the circuit up and down from Monterey. Both were, without a doubt, the fittest of the weekend… but only one did not disappoint in the final duel.

The decisive phasecontrary to what is usual, did fantastically well for Palou (he is disputed with used soft). There, normally the performance of his Ganassi in one lap is lower, but today it was the opposite. The first attempt placed him third but in the second he even managed beat your time with new soft in a simply brutal turn.

“It has been hard and tight. The track conditions were complicated, due to the wind, the car was on rails and we have the best position tomorrow. It is always the best position to start, have the first clean laps, get the strategy right. .. but we have a sensational car this weekend,” explained the Catalan on American television.

Tomorrow, also at deeply nocturnal hours, the carrera, 95 laps of the Laguna Seca track. It will start at 00:45 hours (already, therefore, on Monday) and will be broadcast live on television through Movistar Sports.

Will Power was the big loser in the classification. The leader will start 15th.Penske Entertainment/Joe Skibinski


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