Alex Pereira reunites with his ghosts from the past

Alex ‘Poatan’ Pereira is currently one of the biggest superstars in the UFC, being the light heavyweight champion and the former middleweight champion. However, just like he did with Israel Adesanya, now The Brazilian has a past that haunts him.

Artem Vakhitov, former Glory kickboxing champion, has made the jump to MMA, where He has a 2-1 record and is laying the foundation to make the jump to the UFC. This would be an irrelevant fact, if it were not for the fact that the Russian is one of the few chosen capable of beating Pereira. When ‘Poatan’ was also in Glory, They fought two battles, sharing a victory for each side.

Artem Vakhitov has the body of a Discord moderator but beat a Brazilian shaman from Black Clover.


— Obsession MMA (@Obsessionmmapod) July 9, 2024

For this reason, Vakhitov went out to attack Pereira and in the process lower the smoke to his fans. who classify him as the best striker from the actuality. “He’s a superstar and I’m happy for him, but when I hear people say he’s the best striker in the world… I think it’s time for MMA fans to get to know me.“, he stated.

I have already beaten him in striking, and I am sure I will do it again in the UFC

Artem Vakhitov, former Glory champion

In addition, he made his future intentions clear. “I have already beaten him by pure striking and I’m sure I’ll do it again if we do our trilogy in the UFC“, he stated confidently.

Pereira and Vakhitov during one of their fights

‘Poatan’ responds

The response of the UFC light heavyweight champion has not been long in coming, showing that There are still quarrels between the two. “Be careful with people who are making you believe this. The same person who is advising you already did it with me and “I didn’t get it because I’m not stupid.”Pereira answered.

Everyone knows you beat me because Glory didn’t want me to go with the belt.

Alex Pereira, UFC light heavyweight champion

Besides, The Brazilian took the opportunity to attack Glory and defend himself from his dubious defeat against the Russian. “Everyone knows that they gave you the victory because Glory knew it was going to be my last fight and “They didn’t want me to go with the belt.”he finished.

Without a doubt, after the great intra-history that Adesanya and Pereira had at the time with a very similar situation, The UFC is rubbing its hands with what could be another great rivalry to take the company to another level.


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