Alfonso Arús, upon seeing the viral publication of Sebastián Yatra and Nadal: “Unfortunate”

EIn the last hours the figure of Sebastian Yatra has become one of the main topics of conversation due to her latest publication on social networks, in which she was seen with the Spanish tennis player Rafa Nadal. The Colombian, accompanied by Aitana, visited the athlete and those images were analyzed this Wednesday, July 3, in the ‘Aruser@s’ program on La Sexta.

Tatiana Arús has been in charge of introducing the topic, mentioning the carousel of images and videos in which Sebastián Yatra he boasted about his vacation. “I wasn’t a professional tennis player to give my friends a chance (but I was a professional diver: watch the video at the end),” the Colombian wrote.

Apparently, Yatra was accompanied by Aitana, with whom it seems that the relationship is going from strength to strength. In addition, both Nadal and his wife and the tennis player’s sister were with them. However, There is something that has caught the attention of many and that has been the subject of debate in La Sexta.

Alfonso Arús, blunt against the Yatra jump

In addition, the images of Yatra with Rafa Nadal went viral and, in the morning, after seeing all the content, they debated it, including the artist’s jump from the yacht. “We can see how proud Yatra is”, said Tatiana Arús. However, for Alfonso Arús the Yatra jump has not exactly been something to brag about.

Alfonso Arús, upon seeing the viral publication of Sebastián Yatra and Nadal:

What a regrettable jump. The talent will be found somewhere else, not in the jump. “He’s a horny clumsy, but yes,” said the show’s presenter, whose opinion has been endorsed by Angie Cárdenas, his wife. “He’s a horny guy,” he said, in addition to wondering. Why would he want someone to record him with that little skill? in the jump and also brag about it.


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