An amazing finale that could decide a promotion to the Endesa League

El Longevida San Pablo Burgos, leader of the LEB Orolost on his visit to GUUK by Gipuzkoa 80-78 because of an amazing finale in which a ball did not want to enter the San Sebastian ring. Micah Speight He shot a three-pointer to win and the ball, almost inside, circled the hoop twice before coming out and stayed still, almost attacking the physics, while several players jumped to put it in or take it out. Finally I fell out.

It is matchday 14 of the LEB Oro and there are still 20 left to playbut who knows if at the end of the regular season we will not have to remember this play. The people from Burgos, if the ball had gone in, would have surpassed Movistar Estudiantes in two victories in search of direct promotion to the Endesa League that provides leadership. Now they are 12-2 and the schoolboys are 11-3. From behind, Leyma Corua, GUUK Gipuzkoa, Tizona Burgos and Real Valladolid 10-4.

The fight for promotion is expected to be close and exciting, especially with actions like that of that triple who did not want to enter.


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