Ana Vicente, the ‘biggest scammer in Spain’, is arrested after being interviewed by ‘Código 10’ on Cuatro

ELast May 29, the program ‘Código 10’, on Cuatro, featured the visit of Ana Vicente, better known as the ‘biggest scammer in Spain’. The lady, who accumulates different complaints for alleged scams that would have been carried out in his travel agencydenied everything during his time in the Mediaset space.

However, Nacho Abad, the presenter of ‘Code 10’, wanted to show Ana some documents that would prove that she is lying and that she has scammed many people. Vicente, who was in preventive detention, maintained that he is not guilty of anything and that he only had sentences in accordance with: “We had 11 complaints and eight of them are archived, while another three are under investigation.”

“You have lied to me,” was Abad’s forceful comment after bringing to light some documents that said the opposite, while Ana Vicente continued defending her innocence on the set of the Cuatro space.

In the program, they also had the testimony of a victim of Ana Vicente, Marga, who assured that she owed her 10,000 euros, in addition to saying that she had promised her help for a fundraiser that never took place: “The damage he has done to me emotionally cannot be paid for”.

The ‘biggest scammer in Spain’ arrested after her interview in Cuatro

However, after that interview, the matter took an unexpected turn. In fact, Ana Vicente was arrested last Friday, May 31, just two days after her time in ‘Code 10’. Apparently, as reported by Mediaset, A judge in charge of one of the cases he is facing saw his intervention on the small screen and assessed that he may be a multiple repeat offender.. Despite the explanations she gave in the Cuatro space, the judge issued a request to carry out her arrest.


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