Ancelotti’s options to fit Mbappé’s piece into Real Madrid’s scheme

Carlo Ancelotti has rarely doubted in his life. After hanging up his boots at the age of 33 with the Destroyed knees and an ordeal of injuries on his physiquethe Italian was facing his first experience as a coach: “I left at 33 because my knee started to bother me and I was playing with Fabio Capello and I didn’t understand it. And he told me: ‘When you become a coach you will understand.’ And he was right”. It was in the Parma where carlo learned a lesson that would end up molding the calmer, fairer and more flexible version with the one that now dominates Europe.

Toni Kroos names Federico Valverde as the heir to his number ‘8’ in Real Madrid celebrations

Ancelotti landed with his non-negotiable and inflexible script in a cast that included Gianluigi Buffon and Fabio Cannavaro. as young leaders of a team that had just Dispense with Zola and Stoichkov for not adapting to their training. Also The incorporation of Roberto Baggio was rejected because he intended to play of 10 and that figure did not fit into the Italian’s system. “I told him: ‘No, you have to play as a forward.’ Baggio went to another club and scored 22 goals. If you asked me now, I would tell you to come and change the system“he explained. An experience that marked him throughout his career and that in the end it would help him fit in with his new star Jude Bellingham both on the field, where to everyone’s surprise he became a scorer, and in a healthy and generous locker room with his teammate. Now, Kroos’ departure and Mbappé’s arrival It will completely change the way Real Madrid plays. Another mission for a technician who He knows very well what he does and that he does not fail in the locker room..

The change that Kroos’s goodbye will cause

We lose a very important player for usbut we will replace it differently. We’ll think about how. If we don’t have Kroos, we will play differently“he confessed Carlo Ancelotti in Wembley after winning the Champions League. And the Italian coach already feels the pressure to win the following one: “We are already working to bring the Sixteenth European Cup”, assured Florentino Pérez from London. To do this, Ancelotti will have new pieces in his scheme and will have the challenge of fit the Frenchman’s piece into an offensive scheme full of stars that has worked perfectly this season.

Bellingham: “If Mbappé came he would take us to another level”

“Entering the Real Madrid locker room is easy, especially for young people, the ego level of the squad and veterans is very low”explains the Italian about a squad that will welcome with open arms Kylian Mbappé. In Valdebebas they know that the arrival of the French star, No matter how much you want to sell it from the outside, it is a complicated and difficult piece to fit in due to its the best possible news: “If Mbappé came to Real Madrid he would take us to another level”says Jude about the Frenchman’s arrival. And Madrid’s success lies in the dressing room and the personal strength of the players.… something that should continue with the arrival of players like Mbappé or Endrick.

Different variants and 7 trophies up for grabs

As the object of every team’s desire, but with few serious candidates to face his signing, the arrival of Kylian Mbappé will serve to try to shore up a team that has been transforming and adapting to the new football for some time. However, Real Madrid’s sporting project will not revolve around the French star, but rather will join the constellation that inhabits the merengue dressing room to contribute to the multiple successes obtained in recent seasons. That is Carlo’s mission for next season.

Sunglasses and a large silver cross, Vini’s ‘look’ that fascinated Lucas: “He takes photos of me…”

The question will be knowing who will be the owner of Madrid’s left wing next season. This season The white scheme changed with the arrival of Jude to move to a 4-3-1-2 with the two Brazilians playing as forwards and the Englishman as 10. The ‘7’ has had a dream season that has lifted him to the highest echelon of the world of football thanks to his 23 goals and 10 assists. The Italian will thus have up to three options for that wing, counting on Rodrygo and the arrival of Kylian, who adds more options to draw variants in your game system. On the positive side, taking into account that a long season is coming up for a club whose demand is to win everything, with up to seven trophies at stake.

The position that Kylian Mbappé aims for in his first season in white is that of ‘9’, the number that will accompany you on your back. It will be necessary to see if the Italian wants to continue playing with two center forwards… or he prefers to recover his famous trident. A scheme that would allow MRV to fit: Mbappé-Rodrygo-Vinicius. Furthermore, this scheme could also so that Valverde returned to the position he occupied before in the system and that helped the team to have a safer and more worked block. The other option that the coach handles is to delay Jude’s position in the center of the field after the departure of Kroos. The team would lose ball output, but would gain physicality and pace of play. A style that would make the white club lethal on the counterattack. The ‘5’ would not dislike this change since his football usually shines more when he appears by surprise thanks to his stride.

Synergy with Vinicius… to repeat City’s plan

He 4-2-3-1 It is another option that the coaching staff handles… but there would come the white dilemma that does not seem to have an easy solution: Who would play as a center forward? Vini this season has enjoyed playing as a 9, but he never did it alone and always had the possibility of going to the wing to have more options with which to surprise his rivals. And Mbappé… doesn’t like to play there. Or so she said on several occasions. when Luis Enrique set him as a center forward at PSG. In summary, Mbappé would fit into this year’s scheme, where Rodrygo would probably be a starter, in the creation of a new trident… or convince Vini or Mbappé to play as a false 9. An ‘easy’ piece to fit in because Mbappé’s numbers speak for themselves: 44 goals and 10 assists this season.

Mbappé: “Luis Enrique and Luis Campos saved me”THE TEAM

Key will also be the connection that Vinicius and Mbappé have on the field of play. An understanding between the two footballers would allow Ancelotti to repeat the plan used in the first leg of the tie against Manchester City at the Bernabeú. It would cause some changes inside and out that would serve to transform the left wing into the most lethal in the world. “We have to be prepared, we will not know who plays or how they play until before the game. We have to do things better than in the first game, they did well and we have to adjust things,” Guardiola confessed after the tactical variation of Madrid that day. A 4-4-2 with Rodrygo thrown to the left wing that It allowed Madrid to have superiority on that wing after the constant help of Vinicius. An idea that could be repeated more acutely with the arrival of the Frenchman: the plan that surprised Pep and that would serve to create a duo that is impossible to defend due to its unpredictability.


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