And Frenkie de Jong?

Netherlands passed over Romania (0-3) with a double from Malen and a goal and assist from Gakpo and presents his candidacy for the Euro Cup. Koeman’s team looked very confident at the back and lethal in attack, led above all by the Liverpool footballer and Xavi Simons, a demon dressed in orange.

‘Abrelatas’ Gakpo

Frank AugsteinAP

The footballer of Liverpool He has already scored practically half of the goals (3) that he scored in the last EURO 2024 Premier League with the ‘reds’ (8).

In the 61st minute he was able to score the goal of the tournament by crossing the entire field, avoiding all the Romanians who came in his way, but Nita, Romanian goalkeeper, prevented it. The 11 of the ‘tulips’ has arrived at the European competition in spectacular form and is being the most decisive player for the men of Koeman: His three goals have always been the first that his team scored in the match.

He could have added a double against Romania and had rounded off her performance, but she was offside when in the 63rd minute she beat Nita again after several rebounds in the Romanian area.

He also became the top scorer of the competition by attending Grind in the second goal for his team, after a great play along the baseline.

“We are living what our parents told us”


Romania leaves Euro 2024 with your head held high. It is the second time in its entire history, the first since 2000, that the Romanian team reached the playoffs. Her performance against Ukraine (3-0) made her be pointed out as one of the revelations of the tournament, where they finally went from more to less.

Of course, in the run-up to the match, a fan already told us that he would be satisfied if Romania were left out in the round of 16: “Whatever happens, we are happy. We have been able to see what our parents “They had told us about the great selection of 1994-2000”.

Xavi Simons is now everything he aimed to be

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Xavi Simons is a visual spectacle. The 21-year-old has always lived with his sights set in him as a ‘guaranteed’ talent since he was barely a child and dazzled in the youth academy. Barcelona. His passage through PSV and RB Leipzig They have ended up elevating a player for whom this summer the big boys will flock.

He had them of all colors before Romaniaeven on the rebound after a defender’s clearance, but did not see the goal against Romania. The 7th directed the offensive tasks of his team. You don’t have to wait for him anymore. Xavi Simons is a reality and he left us the photo of the championship doing a rabona to cross against Romania.

Koeman’s Holland works


Be careful with this ‘oranje’ selection of Koeman who points ways. It is true that the squad is much superior to Romania, but how it has played, weaving plays between the ‘devils’ Gakpo and Simons, with the security behind Van Dijk and De Vrij, with a very secure Verbruggen… The ‘tulips’ present their candidacy for the title.

Gakpo shows that Holland does not remember Frenkie de Jong

Malen, from the bench to the double

Gakpo shows that Holland does not remember Frenkie de Jong

Grind He came off the bench to score a double against Romania. The first goal was a ‘gift’ from Gakpo, who was in charge of generating the entire play from the back of the Romanian goal to give in behind and for the Dortmund player to finish at will at goal. The second, yes, was all his.

With Romania already with their arms lowered at 0-2, Malen traveled the entire field to cut down the defender and define perfectly in the one-on-one with Nita. From the bench to the double.


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