Argentina is clear: “The Copa América is more difficult… the Euro is nonsense”

AYesterday we opened the debate with the question we asked Lionel Scaloni, Argentine coach, at a press conference: What is more difficult: winning the Euro Cup or winning the Copa América? Both Spain and Argentina are in the semifinals of their respective competitions and the debate was timely. Scaloni didn’t get too wet about the difficulty, but The Argentine press consulted by MARCA (five journalists from relevant media outlets in that country) was almost unanimous As for the conclusion: “This Copa América is more complicated than the Eurocup.”

Scaloni: “I would like a European team to be invited to see what it is like to play in a Copa América”

In that sense, there are very radical opinions, like that of Rama, a journalist from Fox Sports Argentina, who told us this: “The Eurocup is nonsense. If we’re serious, the Copa América is much more difficult. On the other hand, Diego Monroig, an ESPN journalist, told us that, in his opinion: “Argentine’s path has been much harder than that of Spain, without a doubt.”

The only Argentine surveyed who disagreed with that opinion was BolaVip journalist, Germán Carrara: “If we measure the level of difficulty of the teams in both competitions, I think the Euro is more complex.”


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