Atlético lays the first stone in the City of Sports… which will be ready by 2026

At the Cívitas Metropolitano decked out like his best days Atlético took a step into the future. And this is none other than the laying of the first stone of the new red and white Sports City. Hence the presence of political personalities such as Martínez-Almeida, mayor of the city, and of course Miguel Ángel Gil and Enrique Cerezovisible heads of the red and white team.

As is usually the case, the first to speak began by thanking the personalities for their presence, was the president rojiblanco: “Two years ago I said that this was a challenge that would change our history. Something that is possible due to the agreement with the City Council so that Madrid becomes a benchmark for sport and sustainability. Continue improving and revitalizing the area with a land which was disused. Precisely where we will lay the first stone today will become facilities for all Madrid residents. Turn this area into a reference for the city“.

Then he spoke Martínez-Almeida: “Cerezo concluded his words by saying that it is a good day for the Atlético players but I add that for all the people of Madrid and the residents of San Blas-Canillejas. It will allow us to continue the foundations to generate the best conditions for playing sports in Madrid. There is no doubt that Atlético is one of the great clubs in the world and for it to continue growing. Those of us who live in the Calderón and see how it grows and evolves to see a future more in red and white and a better future,” he confessed after highlighting all the facilities that will be added for sport in Madrid. “The collaboration between the City Council and Atlético improves the conditions of the city with the practice of sports. Generate the best conditions for a leading entity like Atlético to continue evolving. And on top of that, it is at no cost to the City Council because Atlético assumes it.o”.

The third to speak was Miiguel Ángel Giil, great promoter of this work “It was an opportunity to grow. This is how we have lived it since 2025. It was a challenge. When we saw the plot, we spoke with the City Council and from then on it has been 19 years. Specific modifications, then to rearrange the land and process the concession to be from Atlético. What we have to do now is to finish the works. It is the staging of the work of many years. We have been working on the entrances and exits for a long time and there are one million square meters. Within 24 months everything will be operational. “It’s about making a city of leisure and sports to show that football clubs are more than just the 90 minutes of the game.”.

A time capsule

Atlético also made a time capsule with an urn that will be deposited in plot number 1 where the first stone was laid. And it has: A USB with the plans of the City of Sports, pennants of Atlético and the City Council, national and local newspapers, a 20 euro ticket and the centenary t-shirts of Atlético and the Atletimo Suanzes club.

“It is a very exciting day as a Madrid native, mayor and athlete,” said Martínez-Almeida after burying the capsule.a of time. “It is a very important moment,” Cerezo recognized as the other main protagonist of an act that is the first step towards the Atlético of the futurean Atlético that in two years will have its new Sports City.

To finish, Gil Marín spoke about what is coming in sports: “Continue competing… This is how it is presented. There are only six teams that have been playing in the Champions League for more than a decade with half the income. We compete for our shovel pick. Continue investing, growing, the franchises in Mexico and Canada. We are achieving milestones that have never been achieved in history. Respect the values ​​of the club but also in Madrid society.”



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