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UA champion team is not achieved solely thanks to the talent of its squad or the good atmosphere in the locker room. Something else is needed to compete at the highest level: discipline. I knew it Xavi, he has assumed it Barça and he has more than assimilated and internalized it Hansi Flick. In fact, the German coach, known for his leadership skills, is already working on the guidelines and standards that he will demand of his players.

“When we have had rules, we have done well. And when we have not, we have done poorly. We must put them in place and comply with them. There is nothing more,” noted Xavi Hernández on November 8, 2021, the day of his presentation as Barça coach. The former midfielder was very clear about it, but he did not manage to impose his criteria and authority, nor did his predecessors in office: Koeman, Setién, Valverde…And the Board knows it, hence also the bet on Hansi Flick for the culé bench the next two seasons.

When we have had rules, we have done well. And when not, we have gone wrong. You have to put them in place and comply with them. There’s no more


Empathy and assertiveness

The former German coach is known for being a man of dialogue, close, direct and transparent. He says things to your face (the good and the bad) and gives voice to the locker room. He is clear that the protagonists are the footballers and he does not take away their leadership. He is empathetic but also assertive. But that closeness that he shows to the players, the first thing he says is that his doors are always open, also translates into demand. Great demand. And a lot of discipline.

The viral video of Hansi Flick’s anger at his players at the Qatar World Cup

The ex-coach of Bayern gives great importance to compliance with rules, schedules, breaks (active and passive), and training. He considers it non-negotiable to perform and show a good attitude in the sessions he schedules in detail: he varies the loads according to the intensity, frequency, type, volume… The players of the Barça, For example, they will have to get used to spending more hours in the Sports City, not just in the mornings. To the technical/tactical work, physical exercises will be added in the afternoons with the entity’s professionals. Muscle preparation will be one of the elements that he will monitor and supervise the most because he considers that it is a fundamental factor to compete not only for the 90 minutes of the games but throughout the entire season. He is also very strict with food.


But Flickis also very strict in relation to respect, education between team members and rivals… Discipline and control are important for the coach. Flick He lets his men do their thing, but he remains vigilant and does not hesitate to call attention if he sees that the established rules are not being met, nor does his pulse tremble when it comes to imposing punishments.

Flick and Deco are already making an effort to professionalize the staff with rules of discipline, schedules…

John Laporta

This profile of the coach was fundamental when choosing him as successor to Xavi. The Board of The door He assumes that the team has lacked a certain discipline in many aspects, not only in sports, and he trusts that the German coach will know how to impose the necessary rules to make the team Barça a winning team. “Flick and Deco are already making an effort to professionalize the staff with rules of discipline, schedules…” the president pointed out a few hours ago, recognizing a deficiency that has had painful consequences (defeats, blank courses…) in recent years.


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