Barça puts the continuity of Joao Félix on track

Joao Félix is ​​a strategic bet for Barça and the club will do everything possible for his continuity. Despite his irregularity, the Blaugrana club are convinced that the Portuguese striker will end up establishing himself and will become a top-level player if he wears Blaugrana. They see it as a market opportunity and are embarking on an operation that can be beneficial for all parties. In January everything could be agreed.

Barça was not in a hurry with Joao Félix, but the footballer and Atlético de Madrid were in a hurry, which needs a definition of the case to know what to expect for the next sporting project. The colchoneros were throwing the bait of a million-dollar transfer after each good performance by Joao, but both Barça and the player’s agent, Jorge Mendes, have always been clear: his continuity would only be viable through a new loan.

Joao Félix has always expressed his desire to continue at Barça and is willing not to listen to offers as happened last summer.Nor wants to return to the Premier and an adventure in Saudi Arabia has not even crossed his mind. His absolute commitment to the Blaugrana club forces Barça and Atlético to understand each other no matter what. And the sooner the better if the Blaugrana sports OK exists.

Jorge Mendes has already tested a new loan deal with Atlético. It is the only way forward, but he is also going to try to ensure that the mattress club benefits. Barça has also shown itself open to an outright exchange for an offensive player, although for now there has been no response. Simeone really likes Ferrán Torres, but there is no progress in this direction even though on a financial level an operation of this type would be very appetizing for both teams. It would be necessary to see if the player involved in the exchange gave his approval to the matter.

The rush leads to an agreement through a new transfer. And for this the participation of the footballer will once again be key. The mattress club is willing to repeat the formula – loan without amortization payment – as long as Joao renews another year with the mattress club. That way, the asset would not lose value and the colchoneros could sell to it again in the long run. The idea, yes, is to place a real purchase option for 2025. And if it can be mandatory based on the player’s personal objectives at Barça, the better.

The conversations have already started and are managed directly by Jorge Mendes, an agent who has an excellent relationship with both clubs. The practicality of the representative helps. Mendes and Joao Félix are clear that the rope was very strained last summer and there was anger at Atlético, so they are going to try to reach a satisfactory agreement. And he is on his way to achieving it.

Atlético needs to clarify Joao’s future as soon as possible in order to look for a high-level offensive alternative for their project and at Barça they are waiting for an agreement to stay with a high-level footballer for another year and focus the investment on other positions in the squad. There are two priorities where the money is going to be put: a quality midfielder and a differential winger. For this to be possible, they must undertake sales and complete satisfactory operations like that of Joao Félix. They must also strengthen the right-back position with Joao Cancelo, but Mendes has warned that this operation with City will be much more difficult and expensive: here only one transfer will be worth it.


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