Begoña Villacís’s first words: “Thank you very much for your support”

SWithout a doubt, the news that kept the vast majority of Spaniards in suspense yesterday was the murder of Borja Villacís, brother of Begoña Villacís, who died after being shot in Madrid. A woman has already been arrested for the National Police and the security forces are searching for the other two involved in this terrible event, while the family of the deceased is devastated. The program ‘Code 10‘, from Cuatro, has released the first statements of the former vice mayor of Madrid, who has responded to questions from Informalia.

Begoña Villacís appreciates the support received

Begoña Villacís He explained in a call to the aforementioned program that he could not talk much, since he needed to have his phone available: “I’m waiting for a call from the police“.

Thanks a lot for your support“Villacís expressed, adding that he was with his family: “I am with my parents at this moment.” He insisted that at this time he cannot speak much or give details, advised by the people in charge of the investigation, but he wanted to highlight gratitude for support received.

It happened a few meters from the Mediaset facilities

After the appearance of a video in which several witnesses visualized the alleged murderers trying to change the license plate of the car they were fleeing with and hiding some objects among rubble in an open field, to that place the National Policewhere I would later find those hidden objects that would be the alleged weapons used in the crime.

A reporter from ‘Code 10‘He moved to the place where the National Police was still investigating, near the facilities of Mediaset Spain. In addition, she went to the crime scene to reconstruct what happened. Apparently, a car blocked the path of the vehicle in which Borja was traveling, he was shot and, after getting out of the car, passed away on the road.

The motive for the event

According to information obtained by ‘Code 10‘, Borja Villacís attended an alleged meeting as a “mediator.” He was accompanied by a friend and they met in a parking lot, but one of the assistants could not be recorded by the security cameras, so they moved to a place 200 meters away where the fatal outcome occurred. Apparently, the conflict arose because one of them had denounced another for allegedly burning a car and they wanted him to withdraw this complaint.


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