Bryant Myers brags about his sexual relationships: “Every day they want to blow out my candle”

ELast Wednesday night’s guest at ‘La Resistencia’ was the Puerto Rican artist Bryant Myers, who answered the classic questions. Not only did his attitude draw attention, but he also surprised with what he said and how he did it, something that David Broncano did not expect. Especially curious was his response to the question related to sex. and the frequency with which you practice it.

The first phase of the section focused on the money in the bank, although in the case of the artist they wanted to focus on the patrimony. “I don’t know, an amount… I don’t know,” Myers limited himself to expressing, who also made gestures that, for Broncano, could only mean that there was a lot of money.

“I don’t even presume much about that, it’s a matter of I do not like talking about that“added Bryant Myers, who did not go so far as to say any specific figure. However, neither the public nor Grison agreed that the Puerto Rican did not like to brag. “The strap is from Primark”Grison said ironically when he saw the large gold chain that the guest was wearing.

Bryant Myers also brags about sex

On the other hand, the artist had to answer the question related to sexual relations in the last 30 days. “Being single, but well…”, said Broncano, who explained the scores and found himself with a new evasion of the Puerto Rican, 26 years old. “I don’t even count them either,” Myers said in ‘The Resistance’.

Bryant Myers boasts of his relationships phrases with a striking expression in ‘The Resistance’

“It’s hard when It is a continuum“Of course,” said Broncano, who seemed to doubt the guest’s answers. “Every day is your birthday too,” added the program host. The guest, continuing with the game, bragged about his sexual activity with one more What a striking phrase that, at first, Broncano had not assimilated: “Every day they want to blow out my candle”.


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