Carla Bruni, accused of bribery to favor Nicolás Sarkozy

LThe French Justice continues to move forward in its case not only against the former president Nicolas Sarkozybut has decided to impute Carla Bruni, his wife and a well-known singer, of course bribery to help the politician. From now on she is prohibited from contacting anyone involved in the case except, of course, her husband.

The research dates back to Sarkozy campaign in 2007, which is considered to have been financed irregularly. It is believed that the money came from Libya and Carla Bruni’s role would have been that of intercede to get a witness to recant and could not prove that bribes occurred from Libya to the French Government.

Bruni maintains his innocence and rejects the evidence against him

Bruni’s legal defense team, led by Paul Mallet and Benoît Martinez, not only defends the singer’s innocence, but also announces that Bruni is going to “challenge” the judicial decision, which they consider “unfounded.” Be that as it may, from now on Bruni is “prohibited” from any type of contact with the rest of those involved, with the exception of her husband.

The case took a turn October 2023, when the French Justice decided to investigate Sarkozy, who was accused of manipulating witnesses and orchestrating a procedural fraud in an organized gang. He Franco-Lebanese businessman Ziad Takieddine seemed to have the key to the former president’s future, and he claimed to have delivered suitcases with money from the dictator Muammar Gaddafi.

Shortly afterwards he retracted it, so it was quickly pointed out that Sarkozy’s entourage had intervened in it. And that is precisely the role that they suspect Carla Bruni could have played, of whom it was discovered had deleted messages with Michele Marchand, renowned paparazzi in France and accused in 2021 of witness tampering. Be that as it may, Sarkozy’s trial will not begin until early next year.


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