Cristiano Ronaldo achieves the record he was missing: he is now the top assister of the Euro Cups

The Eurocup is ‘Christian Territory’, but Ronaldo never tires of ‘evangelizing’. In the comeback in the debut against the Czech Republic (2-1) he already broke a record: he became the player who has played in the most editions (6). From 2004 to 2024 he has been in all of them. He is also the one who has scored in the most editions (5), although this one, for now, is resisting him.

Cristiano next to Bruno

However, the victory against Türkiye (0-3) allowed him to win a new ‘medal’. The goal he gave to Bruno Fernandes established him as the top assist in the history of the tournament. His seven assists on goal allowed him to break the tie he had with Karel Poborsky (6).

As if that were not enough, the historic ‘top scorer’ of Portugal and national team football (130) continued to expand other records that belonged to him. Al Nassr’s attacker is the player who has accumulated the most games (27), the most victories (14) and the most goals (14) in the history of the tournament.

Your great challenge now is another. Become the player with the most endings (3). Accumulate two for now. They lost the 2004 game against Greece (0-1) and beat France (1-0) in 2016.

Cristiano during the match against Türkiye

Achieving this, even finishing runner-up, could break another record: becoming the player who has played in the most Euro Cup finals (3). He played the first one, and lost it, as a child, 20 years ago, as host, against Greece (0-1). His heartbroken tears, which he now hopes to turn into smiles, still linger in memory.


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