Cristina Pardo responds to Nacho Cano’s interns: “I am not coercing you like the Police”

NAcho Cano, music producer and former member of the group Mecano, is in the eye of the media hurricane. The artist was arrested and later released with charges last Tuesday, July 9, after being accused of alleged crimes against the rights of workers and foreign citizens. Apparently, he hired immigrants in an irregular legal situation for his latest musical, ‘Malinche’.

Since then, new information about the case has not stopped coming out. After his controversial press conferencein which he assured that he was not the criminal, but the Police, the interns hired by Nacho Cano They reported pressure and threats of the agents to accuse the artist.

Some of the former Mecano interns participated on Wednesday, July 10, in ‘Más Vale Tarde’, the evening program of La Sexta. And they once again emphasized police pressure, indicating that the persecution of Nacho Cano is an attempt to divert attention of the ‘Begoña Gómez case’, wife of the President of the Government. “They’re going straight for him,” they said.

Cristina Pardo explodes at the testimonies of Nacho Cano’s scholarship recipients

The presenter of ‘Más Vale Tarde’ wanted to investigate further and find out more details about what the students declared: “How does the Police work in your country, don’t they ask questions?”. “I would have refused to go to the police station to testify as a victim of a crime that I do not recognize and I was not told that I was going to do that. They are violating my rights. Since I am in a foreign country, I do not know the laws and I have to obey , but I was fooled,” explained an intern.

After hearing these words, Pardo was not clear and continued with his questions about the alleged pressure from the Police. “We are art students and We don’t even have much of a political vocabulary. and we were not allowed to have someone with us who understood perfectly what they were going to tell us,” added another student.

Before finishing speaking, the presenter stopped her to make a point clear: “Sorry, I am surprised that you tell me that you do not have political vocabulary when I have previously asked you a question about Díaz Ayuso and you have told me contested. “You could have told me that you didn’t want to answer because I’m not coercing you like the Police…”


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