Cycling: Two cyclists from the Intermarch subsidiary, seriously injured after being run over in Alicante

El Wanty-ReUz-Technorddevelopment team Intermarch-Circus-Wanty, At most teams are completing the first preseason stage in Alicante. The team has reported today that its cyclists “Wout Geerinckx and Obie Vidts were victims of a serious traffic accident last Tuesday”. The lives of both runners are not in danger, but they suffered serious injuries after suffering a head-on collision.

Wanty-ReUz-Technord statement

Wout Geerinckx and Obie Vidts They were victims of a serious traffic accident last Tuesday. After receiving primary care on the road, both cyclists were transported to a local hospital, where several fractures were discovered on a full-body CT scan. No damage to internal organs or concussion was detected.

Both Vidts He suffered several fractures in both hands. He was transferred to hospital de Herentals, where this Thursday he was successfully operated on. Both cyclists face a long recovery period in which we fully support them to recover all their abilities.


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