Dani Alves: everything ready to move to Tenerife

Nnew news regarding the life of Dani Alves. After being released until there is a final sentence and all the appeals of the sentence are resolved, he will be on supervised release, in addition to having a restraining order and incommunication with his alleged victim for nine years and six months, also added to compensation. of 150,000 euros.

Now, The former footballer wants to move, as reported by the media La opinion de Tenerife. His idea would be to go to the Canary Islands, with his girlfriend, the model Joana Sanz. It would be Santa Cruz It would be the place chosen by the couple, after deciding to give themselves a second chance.

There would also be no problems related to the court, since the Brazilian could appear in the Tenerife courts, since he has to appear every week to give a statement. He would live in the downtown area of ​​the city, he was seen in the Tome Cano areaone of the places that has grown the most in recent years on the island.

Dani Alves and his possible move to Tenerife

In fact, some time ago he already responded to rumors of his move to Tenerife. The Brazilian footballer, with a smile on his face, commented on the possibility of moving to the Canary Islands with Joana: “There is only one life”declared Alves, hinting that his new life will begin soon in Tenerife.

However, Alves did not want to go into details about the conflict with his ex-wife, Dinorah Santana, whom he would have removed from one of his companies. It is said that Dinorah, upset by this situation, has threatened to reveal compromising information about Alves when her son Dani, one of the two children they have in common, comes of age. The player has chosen not to comment anything about the confrontation with the mother of his children.


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