Daniel Brühl reveals what surprising characteristic he shares with Karl Lagerfeld: “I am an imposter”

‘The Anthill’ A new week has started with the visit of the actor Daniel Brühl. The interpreter will present the series ‘Becoming Karl Lagerfeld’which will premiere in Disney+ June 7th. In it, the Hispanic German gives life to the iconic designer Karl Lagerfeld.

After welcoming the first guest of the week and of the month of June and taking his seat, Pablo Motos greeted Daniel Brühl, a Barcelona fan, with Real Madrid’s victory against Borussia Dortmund in the final of the Liga Champions that was played on Saturday in London. “Have you played? I have not heard“, the Catalan joked. “I don’t like nonsense, hostility and disrespect. It must be said that this is incredible. I just talked about it with a friend who is a Madrid fan and winning the Champions League 15 times is something incredible. Even so, check out Barça!“, has manifested.

The host of ‘El Hormiguero’ then began the interview by questioning the Barcelonan about ‘Becoming Karl Lagerfeld’. “The role has been a gift, because he is one of the most famous couturiers in history and is a very rich character, full of contrasts and nuances. He is a star, but also a very lonely man; He is a fashion creator, but also a businessman; He has a life always in the spotlight, but also with sentimental problems. It is a very endearing love story between him and his lover, although he also had a thing for Yves Saint Laurent, so also love hate with Yves Saint Laurent… Well, a dish so delicious that I couldn’t refuse it“, explained Daniel Brühl about the fiction, which was filmed in French. “I have worked a lot on French for this series, because I also had to catch the accent of Karl Lagerfeld, who spoke very quickly,” he added.

Daniel Brühl presents ‘Becoming Karl Lagerfeld’ in ‘El Hormiguero’ATRESMEDIA

Daniel Brühl has admitted that at the casting he said he spoke French perfectly, but when the script readings came… “There they found out that I am an imposter, like Karl Lagerfeld. The first spectators were two sheep and a donkey from my neighbor in Mallorca, because I took the plunge, put on some heels and started talking to myself in French. And those animals were always looking at me,” acknowledged the actor, born on June 16, 1978 in Barcelona.

Daniel Brühl confesses his biggest lie in ‘El Hormiguero’

The presenter of the entertainment space Atresmedia which is broadcast from Monday to Thursday from 9:45 p.m. on Antenna 3 He commented that the guest had read a lot about Karl Lagerfeld and highlighted that one of his characteristics was that he was a very liar. “Yeah, He has changed the version of his own biography, of his life, several times. but this is very nice to me because I also did it when I was little and it was a huge shame for my parents.“, noted Daniel Brühl. “When I was 12 or 13 years old I was a very liar and I told my art teacher that my family had very good relations with Joan Miró, whom I had not even seen in painting, never better said. And one day, The art teacher met my father at school and my father said to me: ‘Please, what a shame.’“, he recalled.

After a brief pause for publicity, Pablo Motos said that where actors should lie a lot is in castings. “Yes, because if not, you don’t get the papers, so you have to lie. I arrived in Paris, there was a first meeting in which the actors began to read their sequences in French and I thought that maybe I had lied too much, so I had to push myself until I felt okay. But this I love getting out of my comfort zone, although I am aware that I can fail.“, stressed Daniel Brühl. “In this case also It is a very romantic story between two men and I have never done anything like it, but I am very proud because we entered a world of maximum truth, which is what excites me as an actor, that you notice that something true is happening there, to the point that I called my wife and told her: ‘Queen, I’m in love with a man,” he added.

The actor who plays Yves Saint Laurent in ‘Becoming Karl Lagerfeld’ gave Daniel Brühl a gift to break the ice, since they both have a romantic relationship. “What a crack! After the first day of filming, I went back to my dressing room to change and I saw a bouquet of roses that I had never seen in my life, surreal, some beautiful roses. Another time I called my wife and told her: ‘Queen, I’m sorry, in 13 years of relationship I have never bought you a bouquet like that.’ But I didn’t see anything, not a note or anything. So when I got to my apartment in Paris, When I went to put them in water, I saw a small note that said: ‘To Karl from Yves.’ She did it to get into the topic of seduction and to wish me luck in the series“said the 45-year-old interpreter.

Daniel Brühl explains what playing Karl Lagerfeld has meant to himATRESMEDIA

Pablo Motos wanted to know how many languages ​​Daniel Brühl speaks. “I was born in Barcelona and I have a Spanish mother, a German father and two French aunts. And we all lived together, so There was a mix of all cultures. and the languages, “which has been a great piece of luck in my life,” said the Hispanic German, who was also asked by the producer of ‘El Hormiguero’ what language he thinks in when he is alone. “It depends on where you are. In Mallorca I already start thinking in Catalan, but I would say that my first language is still German“, he pointed out.

Finally, Daniel Brühl said that Karl Lagerfeld was a fan of his. “More than 20 years ago we met at a photo shoot in Berlin and at the end of the session he asked his team: ‘Wasn’t this the kid from the movie ‘Good Bye, Lenin!’?’ So, he invited his entire team to see it and After the movie he told them: ‘I like this kid.’ And it’s a very nice memory now that I’m doing the promotion, but We have entered into such intimate things about his private life that I don’t know if he would like the series, The truth is, because he was a very discreet man,” he said in conclusion.

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Daniel Brühl plays ‘Designers against babies’ with Trancas y BarrancasATRESMEDIA


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