Daniel Sancho positions himself in the judicial ‘war’ that Rodolfo Sancho and Silvia Bronchalo have open

HIt was only a few weeks ago that the trial against Daniel Sancho for the premeditated murder of Edwin Arrieta ended and was seen for sentencing. The decision on the future in Thailand of the son of actor Rodolfo Sancho will not be known until next August 29. Meanwhile, the Spanish chef is looking forward to a court battle open between his parents and in which he has positioned himself.

Silvia Bronchalo, the mother, was by her son’s side from the beginning of the process and was the first to go visit him every time she had the opportunity. prison of Koh Samui. However, little by little the relationship between them cooled and, in fact, he was seen very little in the prison before the trial, and the rumors then suggested that the mother I didn’t really agree on the line of defense nor with some decisions made by the team of lawyers hired by Rodolfo Sancho.

Why have Daniel Sancho and Silvia Bronchalo distanced themselves?

Now, the media 20Minutos explains that one reason why this distance has grown, despite the fact that there are only a little more than two months left to know Daniel Sancho’s sentence, is that Silvia Bronchalo and Rodolfo Sancho are at odds over a alleged case of abuse from the actor towards his ex.

“He has closed ranks around him and calls the media hype disproportionate and unnecessary,” explains Saúl Ortiz. This, supposedly, would have caused Silvia Bronchalo and her son to have lost contact even more, and that is because Daniel Sancho seems to defend his standarde.

All this while waiting to know what his destiny will be. Although there is a possibility that he could end up on death row or, failing that, with a sentence that forces him to spend life behind barsfrom Daniel Sancho’s defense, they trust in an acquittal or, at least, that the sentence will be much lower than that expected when the case broke out in August 2023.


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