David Bustamante reveals what he hates most when he is in a bar: “I get in a very bad mood”

David Bustamante has been the new guest on the ‘La pija y la quinqui’ podcast. The contestant of the first edition of ‘Operación Triunfo’ has opened up in front of the microphone about the things he hates the most in his daily life. For example, something as simple as asking for the bill may sometimes end up getting on your nerves.

“Don’t you have any little phrase to ask for the bill in a bar? For example, the painful…”, asked Marian, without waiting for the interesting reflection that David Bustamante was going to develop. “No, I am super empathetic with people who work in front of the public and “If someone at my table is rude and wants to be funny, I get in a very, very, very bad mood.”the artist began by arguing.

“When I was a kid, to get some money, apart from when I worked on the construction site, I was behind a bar. I have been treated badly and people have to know that these people have been working for many hours, that they have their worries and they don’t feel like to put up with any stupidity. With people facing the public you have to be patient and respectful because what they want is to do it as soon as possible.“, David closed his reflection on this matter.

David Bustamante and his passion for parties: “I used to go go-go”

His respect for the waiters has not been the only surprise that Bustamante has revealed. The musician has also revealed that he was a true fan of parties: “Not now, he makes me horribly lazy. But I was going to get on the go-go stage in a nightclub in San Vicente de la Barquera.”

David Bustamante reveals what he hates most when he is in a bar:

“It was a lot of me getting up there to be silly because I had four calimochos on me and I thought I was Michael Jackson. “I always took off my shirt, gender had to be shown.”Bustamante commented jokingly to end the conversation.


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