Doncic boasts of Champions before the NBA Final

Luka Doncic is a happy man. He entered, with the MVP of the series under his arm, in his first NBA finals of his sports career. And his ‘other love’, Real Madrid, won the Champions League final against Borussia Dortmund at Wembley. He commented on the final on his social networks and bragged about the title, something she always does. Just before stepping onto the Garden to begin a battle that could be legendary for the championship ring.

“Of course I saw the Madrid game. Another title,” he commented. And he boasted about the Champions League. “People are already used to winning titles in Madrid,” he added. in one of the first official press conferences before starting the NBA Final. The Mavericks, already in Boston, played the Garden and finalized details.

Doncic and Real Madrid have an unbreakable relationship despite the fact that they parted ways when the Slovenian began his career in the NBA. At the beginning of the season, he faced the white team with his Mavs and the WiZink Center gave him a standing ovation. He was honored and continues to be the great prodigy of the city.

It was the first step in a course in which they reached a historic height: the Western Conference title and entering the NBA final. And he is linked to that Real Madrid fandom, as the United States press emphasizes so much. “Everything he knows was taught to him by the most successful club in football,” they say in their articles.

From being Real Madrid’s youngest player to reaching his first NBA Finals. “Luka has never shied away from the big stage.”

The American press highlights Doncic’s Madrid DNA

And also the NBA itself is not shy about comparing the Slovenian with the club that trained him in high-level basketball. “From being the youngest Real Madrid player to reaching his first NBA Finals. “Luka has never shied away from the big stage,” the league says.


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