Eric Cantona takes advantage of the elections to remember his Republican Spanish grandfather

HIt has been 27 years since the withdrawal of Eric Cantona of the playing fields and, even today, it continues to be one of the voices most against fascism in the world of football. Precisely, a few days before the second round of the legislative elections in Franceand faced with the fear that Marine Le Pen and the extreme right will come to power, the former footballer remembers his Republican Spanish grandfather and launches a plea against fascism.

On his official Instagram account, the Frenchman has taken advantage of his speaker as a public figure to join the criticism of Le Pen’s ideology. “As my grandfather Pedro, a Spanish republican who fought against fascism, said: ‘They will not pass. I would rather die standing than die kneeling.’ I have not forgotten anything of my history“, He has written.

That important motto, which has a place in history, is the fruit of the Mexican revolutionary Emiliano Zapata. Currently it is one of the most heard phrases among voters of the French left, who already after the results of the first round They took to the streets across the country to protest. against the support received by the extreme right formations, led by National Group.

France, facing historic votes

It will be next July 7 when France can decide what path it wants to follow for the coming years, just on the verge of Paris hosting the Olympic Games, something that could arrive at the same time that, if the forecasts come true, Marine Le Pen gets the necessary support to give a historic turn of the helm in the country.

To do this, they must overcome the maneuver of the French left, whose least voted formations, through their candidates, have decided to withdraw in the second round, with the aim of converging on the same path and preventing the National Group from reaching the votes it received. could give the keys to the government in France.


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