‘F1’, Brad Pitt’s spectacular trailer with cameos from all the drivers

LThe long-awaited film about F1 already has its first images, con Brad Pitt as the protagonist and driver of car number 9 of the invented APXGP team, giving life to a former driver (Sonny Hayes) who returns to Formula 1 and on which the Warner film, Apple, directed by Joseph Kosinski and produced by Jerry Bruckheimer and Joe Kosinski, pivots, with Lewis Hamilton as one of the producers. Almost nothing to the device.

They haven’t racked their brains with the title, ‘F1’, and the argument seems from the trailer that it will show in the hands of a veteran driver, how he plays in the curves with little security, since on straights he cannot with the Red Bull, Ferrari, Mercedes, etc.

The news is that this film has finally been filmed on the F1 circuitsSpecifically, Silverstone, Hungaroring, Spa, Zandvoort, Las Vegas, Yas Marina and Abu Dhabi in 2023, adding Suzuka and Mexico in 2024.

Additionally, recording in pits, facilities and with the actors mixing with the real pilots, who make constant cameos in the film, many of them involuntary. The shots of the first images certainly invite optimism.

The premiere is scheduled for June 25, 2025.


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