Fayna Bethencourt denounces the attitude of ‘El Yoyas’ from prison: “He continues attacking me”

Carlos Navarro, better known as ‘El Yoyas’ for his time on the reality show ‘Big Brother’ more than 20 years ago, he was arrested after spending some time in search and capture by continued abuse of his ex, Fayna Bethencourt, whom he met on the Telecinco program, and his own children. Since her entry into prison, according to her, nothing seems to have changed.

Cuatro’s space, ‘Code 10’, reviewed the case and featured Fayna Bethencourt thanks to a live connection. About How did he handle the arrest of his ex?she was very clear: “I didn’t receive it as a celebration, I felt relief but it gave me such an emotional shock as if all those emotions arose suddenly.”

Apparently, has an “anxiety disorder” which would have worsened after the ordeal suffered until the arrest of ‘El Yoyas’. And although he recognizes that it is a relief to know where he is “physically”, what worried him most was that until now he did not know “his whereabouts” about him. “For me this is not the end“he added.

“It continues to be done for what I have been protesting and denouncing my situation, which is to give him a voice, he was given a voice as a fugitive and now as a prisoner,” Bethencourt denounced on the Cuatro program, and he considered that he should not be allowed to speak after being convicted, even more so when he committed “continued psychological abuse.”

The future and reintegration of ‘El Yoyas’

For her, it is better not to think about what will happen when ‘El Yoyas’ leaves prison, although she acknowledged that he is “vengeful.” “Prison is supposed to serve to reintegrate people and, For there to be reintegration, there must be a purpose for amendmentsaying ‘I was wrong, I did it wrong, I am guilty’ and it is not happening,” said Bethencourt.

“Carlos does not acknowledge his guilt, he continues attacking me (…) He doesn’t recognize what he’s done. and I see it as difficult for there to be reintegration and for him to come out peacefully from there,” he added.

“This does not happen with other fugitives convicted of gender violence who today They are on the street and no one is looking for them, he has been sought after because Fayna Bethencourt has spoken a lot. And she has insisted. And she has fought,” she concluded in ‘Code 10’.


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