Getafe coach on Manchester United loanee Mason Greenwood – ‘A good boy who needs to learn a bit more Spanish’

Manchester United loanee Mason Greenwood left England under a cloud, after the club’s fans persuaded them not to welcome him back to the first team, following video footage of him coercing his girlfriend into sex and threatening her. He was the subject of a legal case, but the charges were dropped after the key witness, his current partner, declined to give evidence. However that cloud has not followed him to Getafe, where he has not only been welcomed back onto the pitch, but has started performing again.

Greenwood has five goals and four assists in 15 appearances this season, and during their most recent game, a 3-3 draw with Atletico Madrid, was almost unplayable.

“Greenwood is a different player, with a lot of talent but in this football talent is not the main thing. It takes more work than talent. When he is at 100% we will be able to see his real level but he has the quality to play at any big club,” manager Jose Bordalas told Marca.

Bordalas was asked how they managed to get him to that stage, given he was over a year without playing or even training with a team.

“Well, with a lot of patience, with a lot of calm, aware that he had been out of action for a long time without playing and practically without training. But we were confident because of the talent, because of the ability he had shown. Being able to go for a player of this level at Getafe is complicated, almost impossible. And well, given the situation, we took a gamble on him. We are happy and content because we have a great player, he is a good boy, he has fitted in really well and he just needs to learn a little more Spanish.”

While many sides were reluctant to sign Greenwood due to his reputation concerning domestic abuse, Getafe were happy to take a chance on him.

“A friend called me to tell me about this possibility and at first we thought it wasn’t real, but he confirmed that it was. There were conversations, he had other possibilities to play like in Serie A, but there were many clubs that did not dare because of what had happened and so on. In the end, with a lot of effort and difficulty, we all managed to get him to come to Getafe.”

He was also compared with Jude Bellingham, given both are English and have started their La Liga careers well –

“Yes, especially Bellingham, who has attracted tremendous attention. He is a great player and is having a fabulous season.”

“We have to be a little more understanding with Mason because it is not easy to spend the time he has practically not training. I know of cases of kids that I have had, who left football because they had emotional problems and were never able to play again because you disconnect, you lose your place and then it’s very difficult for you. It is very impressive that after being out for so long he has recovered and is helping us.”

Earlier in the season Bordalas was at the heart of a strange controversy. He claimed that Greenwood had spoken to Bellingham, and that the latter’s encouragement and the pair’s friendship had influenced the Manchester United loanee to head to La Liga. However he later walked back his statement, confirming that that wasn’t the case.

Following Getafe’s willingness to take a risk on Greenwood, more clubs will likely to be keen to do so too. Already there have been a number of links to other clubs ahead of next summer, although Getafe have openly declared that they are keen to sign him permanently.


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