Giuliano and Julián Álvarez will be in the Olympic Games

Giuliano Simeone will fulfill one of their dreams and they will be in the Paris Olympic Games. The forward of the Atlético will finish the season in the best possible way after starting it with a serious injury at the beginning with the Alavés. After being on the prelist provided by Javier Mascherano Weeks ago, the striker was one of the players who will travel to Paris to seek Olympic gold.

After a campaign in which he has only been able to play in the final stretch due to having to recover from an ankle injury, the good performance shown in the last matches of LaLiga made Mascherano included him in a first call that included 23 footballers. Once inside the first cut Giuliano He proved his worth by scoring a double against Paraguay at its premiere with the elastic Albiceleste.

Now, Giuliano will dispute the Olympic Games while his future is decided. There are numerous clubs LaLiga those who have been interested in their services. In it Atlético de Madrid The idea is that he goes out again on loan after leaving good feelings in the team. Alavés but given the few opportunities he could have under the orders of his father Cholo Simeone.

In the list, as ‘older’, they appear Rulli, Otamendi and Almadaheadliners of a call in which the big star will be Julian AlvarezManchester City striker.


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