‘Hawk Tuah girl’ settles the rumors: “I’m neither a teacher nor my father is a preacher, it’s crazy”

HThere are characters that appear in our lives suddenly. Without wanting it and without looking for it. In the era of social networks, it is quite common for certain moments to go viral in record time. This is the case of the one known as ‘Hawk Tuah girl’a girl, real name Haliey Welchwho went from complete anonymity to fame after a short interview on the street.

To his 21 years, his life has come into the spotlight. During a podcast interview ‘Plan Bri Uncut’, the young woman has reviewed how she has experienced this explosion of fame in such a short period of time. Among the many news items that have been written, alleged aspects of her life have appeared that she has completely denied during the talk.

Haliey Welch She has had to hear that after her relaxed comment about how to excite a man in bed, she has been expelled from her job as a teacher. “I’m not a teacher, I’m too young to be one. I work in a mattress factory”, has explained. Furthermore, she has denied that her father, as has also been reported, is a preacher: “It’s crazy”.

She doesn’t want to be remembered for the ‘hawk tuah’

“The only time I’ve said something like that and of course there’s a camera in my face. I don’t want this to be my image nor do I want to be known for this“, she commented with humor. On the other hand, her parents have taken everything that happened to their daughter positively: “They think it is very funny. They know what I am. “What comes out of my mouth is either a success or a mistake.”

Her popularity on social networks has grown exponentially, even though she does not have her accounts activated. She deactivated them for personal reasons. Be that as it may, her fame is undeniable. We have seen her go on stage to repeat her popular ‘lucky hawk’ and also taking photos with the NBA legend Shaquille O’Neal.


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