He exchanges a Messi shirt with a Colombian one and then regrets it: “It’s the original!”

UAn Argentine fan changed shirts with a Colombian to stage the good atmosphere between both parishes. The coffee fan received the Albiceleste jersey with the ’10’ and the name of Leo Messi on the back. When he really realized it, the Argentine wanted to get his shirt back. “It’s the original!”said.

The moment occurred in Times Square. Both fans met in the mythical place of New York and, given the merriment, an Argentine and a Colombian decided to exchange shirts. The Argentine thought that they were simply showing off the good atmosphere and that later he would get his shirt back. Nothing could be further from the truth. After the Colombian put on Messi’s jersey, and at the Argentine’s insistence, those present told him that he had changed it and that he could not get it back.

And this is how an Argentine lost an original Leo Messi shirt.


Davide Piano

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