Hello Rabiot, my name is Lamine Yamal, I am 16 years old and you already know that I am not scared

Pok that’s it. Spain is in the final of the Euro. In Berlin. Yes, yes, Luis de la Fuente’s team will fight to be European champions again, for the fourth time. Something that no one has achieved. And how. Before the powerful France of Mbappé. And scoring a goal against a team that is a rock, that had not lost a cross in the 90 minutes since July 2014. The one that had only conceded one goal in this Euro. And a penalty. The most powerful selection of the decade.

And he did it with a 16-year-old boy as MVP. A monumental Spain that is already in Berlin. That’s how wonderful football is. Yes, the team that came to Germany to make a fool of themselves. Better not to list those who said so many atrocities along the way.

Two of a kind, France wins

It didn’t take long for Kolo Mouani’s goal to open the scoring before the 10th minute, but he could have done it before and on the opposite side. Because the 0-1 action between Mbappé and his center forward was identical to the first one Spain had. Lamine Yamal placed a golden ball on Fabián’s head, but Spain’s number 8, with everything in his favor to score, did not measure his timing well and the shot went high. It should have been 1-0, but that advantage went to France, but…

Child, what creature?

But there was a 16-year-old child on the field who scored one of those goals that goes down in history. Not only because no one so young before had scored in a Euro Cup. Not because he surpassed Pelé as the youngest to play in a World Cup and Euro semifinals. Not only. Because the goal was outrageous, a work of art, an execution of genius. And because that child has a personality that cannot be believed. Nagelsmann y Rabiot They already know that their message was misdirected. And Spain has a player who believes they are capable of anything. The journey of Francis Hernandez and Tito Last August to Barcelona was full of reasons. And thanks to Xavi for having shaped the player that Lamine Yamal no longer hints he has inside.

Cucurella, Fabián, Laporte…

A smile from ear to ear is what the Spanish fan should have with his team. The rage of the Germans with Cucurella, as if he were to blame for whether he blew his hand or not, further elevated one of the sensations of the Euro. Fabián handed out another football lecture. Majestic. Laporte is a general… And this team is missing Gavi. Smile.

Morata’s beating

He didn’t even score. He didn’t even come close to doing it. But if someone wants to understand what the job of a center forward is for the good of their team, they should watch Morata’s game against France. He gave air at the start, space for the bullets that Spain has on the wings and helped non-stop in coverage that Nico and Nico couldn’t reach. Lamine Yamal. The hug that De la Fuente gave him was a cry of thanks.

Yellow and change

“We entered eleven and left eleven.” Luis de la Fuente says it to his players before each game. It’s like a mantra to remember that expulsion in these tournaments is a wound that is rarely not fatal. Therefore, every time a defender sees yellow in the first half, the change is assured. This time it was Navas’ turn. The full-back supported Mbappé well, won a couple of duels against him but was reprimanded for taking Kolo Mouani ahead to prevent him from facing alone Unai. But De la Fuente skipped his theory. He was stronger than his faith in Jesus. But for a while. 10 minutes into the second half, the 38-year-old side left, with the mission accomplished, Viivian came in and Nacho became the shadow of Mbappé. Manual.

And they criticize Mbappé

In the press gallery, some Frenchman went crazy about Mbappé. He has been far from his level, without success. But he is the best in France with one leg. Only when Kylian had the ball did anyone sense danger. France is a team full of big names, but the sensational Deschamps era is coming to an end. There are so many mechanisms of not wanting to play that his potential remains a threat.

Bad Education

The ones who whistled when La Marseillesa was played. Regrettable. When respect is asked for an anthem, it is for everyone and in any scenario. It had been a long time since that unfortunate spectacle had taken place, but it happened in Munich. And, of course, the response of the French stands was to whistle the Spanish when he sounded. Just as bad, but you play with fire because you get burned.


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