Hiba Abouk’s dart after the rumor of a relationship with Álvaro Muñoz Escassi: “It’s about being…”

HThere is something that is always in the center of the media spotlight and those are the ruptures between the famous people of this country. When two well-known people start dating or become a couple, everyone is happy. However, when there is a separation, knives and rumors begin to fly about that breakup, and if a new love has already begun, then even more so.

On many occasions, these events generate a hurricane of information in which they can be involved, and even become protagonists, people who at first would not have wanted it. This is the specific case of Hiba Abouk.

The interpreter has become the main actress in the recent breakup between Álvaro Muñoz Escassi and María José Suárez. All this controversy broke out when the young woman and Escassi coincided at the crowded communion of ‘El Turronero’s’ granddaughter, in the city of Jerez de la Frontera.

After this meeting in which they could be seen talking and in very good harmony, the rumors exploded completely. It was Escassi himself who had to go out of his way and say that he had “nothing” with Hiba. Through a call to ‘TardeAR’, the Telecinco program said: “She is a wonderful woman that I know through the world of ‘MasterChef’ and we have had fun at the party, we have danced, we have shared with friends… We have nothing more than a friendship, nothing more. We are not getting to know each other as friends, “We agreed as friends.”

Hiba Abouk’s mysterious message via Instagram

Hiba Abouk, who since the painful separation with her ex-partner Achraf Hakimiis not going through a good time, he did not speak out so clearly with Escassi, he has now left a mysterious message on social networks, specifically on her Instagram, something that once again placed her in the media center.

This post refers to the meaning of the Japanese word Omoiyari, which says: “It is consideration, empathy and compassion towards others. It is about being sensitive and understanding of the feelings and emotions of others.”

Hiba Abouk's dart after the rumor of a relationship with Álvaro Muñoz Escassi:

It is not entirely known what the actress means with this message, but yes, this has been her way of speaking to a controversy in which she does not feel very comfortable.


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