How can I avoid the ‘Robolcalls’ scam?

Scammers have become cybercriminals thanks to technological evolution, which allows them to reach many more victims and adapt their methods. In this context, in recent months the scam of the “robolcalls”.

These calls are made automated, by bots that imitate call centers and dial random numbers. The General Telecommunications Law is clear: non-consensual commercial calls are prohibited, but this does not stop scammers.

The method is that, when answering the call, There is no interlocutor on the other end of the phone, and finally, the call ends up hanging up automatically. With this technique, cybercriminals can identify available lines and know when is the best time to call customers.

To avoid this type of calls, it is best to consult the Robinson Listalthough the prefix most used in these scams is 911 11. Currently, many mobile phones already have by default a function to detect possible spam calls and alert the user before answering.


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