“I notice that it hits me very hard and a creaking inside”

Diego Lopez He returned this Monday to the sports city of Paternal after having spent several days of rest after the operation for the fracture in the left zygomatic arch (cheekbone). He Valencia winger suffered a strong blow with the arm of sparksduring the match against Almera disputed the February 3rd in Mestalla. The player has explained in the official media how he remembers the play and his feelings after the impact: “The ball remains divided and the player of theAlmera He takes out his arm to gain momentum to reach the ball, with misfortune hitting me in the face. At first it is not appreciated much, but The moment it hits me I notice that it hits me very hard and there is a creaking inside.. Once on the ground, I notice a little dizziness, that overwhelming feeling of not really knowing what is happening. “I had never had to go through surgery or anything like that,” he indicated in an interview with VCF Media.

On the ground, I notice a little dizziness, that overwhelming feeling of not knowing very well what is happening.

After several days in the hospital while tests were done, the footballer underwent surgery on Wednesday, February 7. This Monday, the footballer went to the team’s training facilities to avoid losing his physical condition and followed the progress of his teammates from the sidelines: “I got along quite well. I didn’t have much discomfort as such, but I do know that on the day of the operation, the following hours, The night was quite uncomfortable with discomfort and I couldn’t sleep. Recovery is going well. That same night my eye bothered me, but now it’s quite bearable, I have been able to be here and work a little and I’m very happy.”

Evidently, the presence of the footballer in the locker room, with a visible spill in his left eye and several stitches on the facehas been the target of some joke from his classmates: “There is some who laugh at me because they say they see me as more handsome. Everyone has welcomed me very well. Everyone knows that we have a very united, very familiar locker room, everyone has written to me, encouraged me and supported me. The fans and the people and so on, They have supported me a lot these days, both to me and to my family. I appreciate it a lot”.

If it were Saturday for me I would start playing, but, obviously, you can’t

Visiting, yes. But for now There is not enough time for me to return to training. as such. In addition, you will have to do it with a mask, but this will still take a couple of weeks, approximately: “This week, don’t worry; it depends on how things progress, It is delicate and has to fit well so that nothing moves. We will go day by day“, week by week and I hope it’s soon because if it were Saturday for me I would already start playing, but, obviously, it’s not possible and hopefully it will be sooner than expected.”

The Valencia attacker acknowledges that he wants to return, although he hopes that the team beats Sevilla on Saturday, February 17 and dedicates the victory to him: “I miss them more, surely. I saw him very well the other day, we played a very serious game. Las Palmas is a team that generates many chances for you because of how they play. We will take things to work on this week and win on Saturday with our people at Mestalla. We go game by game and It will be a very tough game, against a Sevilla team that is on a good streak. and I hope the team dedicates the victory to me.”


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